CSCS Health and Safety Awareness Course

An interactive and practical option for learning your responsibilities and rights on the construction site.

Your Benefits in Working with Us

Specialized training

We give you the knowledge you need to be competent on-site through an interactive and practical course

Accredited testing

Our Level RQF 1 testing is the CITB Health, safety and environment test that is recognized by the CSCS. This makes it so you can apply for the Labourer Card after passing the test.

Fast process

With our combined package, you could have taken the course and passed the test on the same day. You’ll get the results that same day and the certificate in just a few days.

Experienced Personal

Our team has hands-on experience of working in the construction industry. They are able to answer your question and explain beyond, what is included in the course materials.

Consultancy Services

We can help your site be compliant with health and safety regulations. We offer services ranging from site planning, pre-start meetings and inspections to handover.

Accessible Location

Whether you own a car or want to reach our training and testing location by public transport, it’s going to be just as easy.

What does the CSCS H&S Awareness Course include?


Besides the books and resources to carry out your duties on-site, our course also includes a live participative aspect. We consider it important for the trainees to:

Fully understand the materials

Ask questions

Have a learning experience that is both practical and interactive

As we want to make the process easier for everyone our location is easily accessible by public transport and we also offer car parking. Refreshments for the attendees are also included.

After finishing the course, we recommend you book and take the test at our venue.

The first step

In order to work in the construction industry in the UK, you first have to acquire knowledge to keep you and your coworkers safe.

Our course we’ll help you understand the HS&E regulations, your risks, and rights in order to pass the Level 1 test.

Besides the materials, you also get an interactive course from our experts with a background in the industry. You can choose to book the course on its own or complete with the test on the same day. After passing the test you can apply for the CSCS Labourer Card / Green Card. 


So don’t waste any time. Take the first step.

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Here are some of the top questions we get always get asked. 

If you have other questions about the course, let us know.

Why do I need the CSCS HS&E Course?

First of all, you need the course in order to stay safe and not injure anyone on a construction site. Secondly, you need it in order to pass the test and apply for the CSCS Labourer Card. It’s the first step in being able to work in the construction industry.

Where can I take the course?

At our location. All the courses, we provide take place at 168 High Street, Barnet. We offer parking but it is also easily accessible by public transportation.

How will this help you in the construction industry?

You’ll know what to expect from the industry and what is expected from you, when you are working on a construction site. It will also help in actually being employable for these positions. After taking the course and passing the Level 1 test you’ll be able to apply for the CSCS Green Card.

What’s the next step after taking the course?

The next step is to take the Level 1 test. You can actually take the Health, Safety and Environment test on the same as the course if you book the combined package.

When can I take the CSCS Health and Safety Awareness Course?

As soon a slot is available. Check the next available slot by starting the booking process.

Other Services

Getting ready to work in the construction industry is a process that includes numerous steps. The HS&E course is just part of it. Depending on what you need, you might actually get better offers from other packages. Here are the services that can help.

Take the Test: Level 1 in Health and Safety


After finish up the course, you’ll need to take the test in order to receive the certificate. You can choose this service even if you’ve learned the materials on your own or in a different center. The advantage of taking the test at our location is the shorter waiting time.


Full Package Level 1 HS&E Course + Test


If you already plan on taking the course, this package will help you even more. You’ll get to save up money and time. In just one day, you’ll take the course, the test and find out your results.


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We proud ourselves with the approvals of CITB and Highfield awarding body for compliance. That makes us the best partner you can have in getting your Labourer Card (Green Card)

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