make a tool box talk count

SSSTS Weekend Course was fun!

Our SSSTS weekend course was a lot of fun. It’s always interesting to walk in on Saturday morning and find out exactly who we are dealing with. This week we had a group of Marquee builders in attendance. All friends, as usual, the banter was in abundance! We had some Scaffolders from different companies and a couple of Plumbers, a decent mix. We always start the day off with the law.. which most people would think on the face of it would be boring. But for us, it sets the tone, it gets the juices flowing. One of the first questions asked by the students, is once they have passed the course, how responsible are they?

Well, we are all responsible for our own safety of course. We are also responsible for the safety of others by what we do.. and don’t do. For example, not reporting a dangerous condition, or delivering a tool box talk but not ensuring the workers actually understand it. We obtain signatures from people without communicating any messages effectively, all to often.

Imagine achieving a signature from someone when you didn’t communicate the message properly. What if things go wrong? How will YOU feel internally if something happened on YOUR watch? Will your conscious be clear? Unlikely.

One of the core assessment criteria for the SSSTS is the Tool Box Talk. We believe a tool box talk should communicate an essential message, and be remembered… will anyone remember a tool box talk they just had to sign? No.

Be imaginative! Be prepared. Make it fun. Make it have an impact. Whats the harm in being a little bit creative here and there? And lastly, why not? No where in the Health and Safety at Work Act does it say, make health and safety boring, no where in the Act does it tell you to get people to sign their compensation claims away.

If it’s a TBT about an actual tool.. why don’t you try getting the tool out? Show people how to use it safely. Or what about how to change the accessories safely? Try making it an interactive experience. Interactivity helps by getting people to remember the value of why we do things a certain way and what can happen when it goes wrong!

If you want ideas for different and effective ways to deliver tool box talks, we have PLENTY of ideas here at UCS Training. Contact us for free advice if you want some fresh ideas to boost enthusiasm AND productivity.

Use it to your advantage, as soon as you see your team slumping in productivity, do something different and out of the ordinary.. if you think it’s boring, and you treat it as just another piece of paperwork, they will. It is as simple as that.

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